Hello, my name is Sonja


Actually, I always wanted to become a painter.

As it was known as "breadless art" though, I decided to study something "proper".

I really enjoyed my studies. I was fascinated by architecture and design. It was a really beautiful and creative, but also very demanding and intense time in my life.


With a masters degree in my pocket and great expectations I jumped into my professional life as an architect. And then "Bang!" - the reality got me back to the earth. It was not what I was hoping for! Why did nobody tell me that before?


I desperately needed a compensation to my "notsocreativeasiwashoping" job. So, spontaneously, I started illustrating ( in those very few remaining free hours that I had). It was my creative escape - I felt free and happy! Then I started sharing the illustrations with my friends. They sensed my happiness and it was contagious! They were truly touched.

And then I just knew - THIS is what I want to do! THIS is what I am supposed to do! THIS is what I have to do!

I make you smile!


And here I am now... feeling blessed for being able to find out and to do what truly fulfills me!

 My heart smiles. It is contagious!