Draw with the flow or draw Flow

As Florian - Flow contacted me for this illustration I was like:

A man.

A Man?

Really? A man???

It´s a man.

A man, a man, a maaaan!!!!!



It´s not that I didn´t have an opportunity to draw a man, till now. But no man has ordered an illustration for himself. I was really honored :)

And then I saw this charismatic person and was immediately into Flow....I mean - in the flow.


Flow is an ultrarunner. A top-ranking athlete. A German star runner!

I was wondering, how come I didn´t hear about him before?

I mean, I am a runner, too.

I am running on a daily basis....

After my kids....

at home....

no flow....

Well, no wonder!


If you want to run with the Flow, you can find him here click


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